Goblins Glen


Helpful information

Century Village Museum ~ Geauga County Historical Society.

Fat Cow ~ Earth friendly, reliable webhosting services.

Geauga County Historical Tidbits ~ Historical collections of Ohio by Henry Howe, 1888

Geauga County Maple Festival ~ Celebrating the Maple capital of Ohio.

Lehman's ~ Old fashioned, high quality merchandise.

National Wildlife Federation ~ Become a wildlife habitat.

United Plant Savers ~ Protect native medicinal plants.

Need to contact us?

You can send an email: sean@goblinsglen.com

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Growing our future!

Bill Mollison @ Tagari - The father of Permaculture.

Geoff Lawton @ Permaculture Research Institute - Greening the desert.

ATTRA: Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas - National sustainable agriculture.

EarthEasy - Natural pest control and more.

Fungi Perfecti - Mushroom knowledge.

Midwest Permaculture & Transition Towns - The name sums it up perfectly.

Permaculture Project - Building the proper eco‑skills necessary in all areas of life.

Plants For A Future - Resource center for rare and unusual plants.

Running on alcohol - Make your own fuel.

Solar Cooking Archive - Using the sun to cook, of course.

Watson's Water Wick - Low Cost Alternative Septic System.

Weekend Gardener - Official Seed Starting Page.